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Omicron Continues to Spread & Amlife Knows How to Help: With Face Masks

Amlife is a dependable and premium source for PPE necessities such as disposable face masks, cloth face coverings, hand sanitizers, face shields, and more.

In current news, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is considering recommending that people upgrade their masks from disposable and cloth covering to a thicker, more protective KN95. This is due to the fast-spreading Omicron variant.

An anonymous official told The Washington Post, “The agency is currently actively looking to update its recommendations for KN95 and N95 in light of Omicron. We know these masks provide better filtration."

KN95s are better at stopping particles from passing through the mask. Thus the highly transmissible virus is less likely to spread. CDC advises, however, to wear the mask that you feel most comfortable wearing often and to wear it correctly. Some may not be able to tolerate wearing a KN95 or even a medical-grade N95 all day, especially kids and the elderly.

The agency’s current guidance says that a mask should fit snugly and have at least two layers of breathable fabric with a wire bridge around the nose to keep it sealed around your face comfortably.

Julia Raifman, an assistant professor at Boston University School of Public Health, said, “Omicron is very transmissible through shared air… Mask policies that ensure people with covid and people around them are wearing high-quality masks do the most to reduce covid spread.” She added that other countries, like South Korea and Japan, for instance, have taken more initiative than the United States to make the masks widely available to everyone.

Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted that he would be introducing legislation “N95 masks to be sent to every household in the country. This will save lives and reduce health care costs.”

In the meantime, we have an affordable option that you can get sent to your door in a short amount of time. So take action and purchase Amlife’s 5-layer KN95 mask today!

Amlife Has CDC-Approved & Highly Protective KN95 Masks

Until the government decides to make masks readily available to every single American, Amlife will make sure that you, our customers, are getting exactly what you need to keep you and others safe.

KN95 Face Mask Packs CE PM2.5 BFE 95% Disposable Mouth Nose Respirator Masks

When you wear our KN95 Face Mask Packs CE PM2.5 BFE 95% Disposable Mouth Nose Respirator Masks, you will find that it is better than any other face mask you have tried before. The CDC-recommended KN95 masks are made with five layers of protection as well as efficient particle filtration to ensure customers are always safe from COVID-19 when wearing them.

The KN95 face masks are:

  • Built with five layers of protection
  • Shipped for free directly from Los Angeles, CA
  • Available in packs of 2, 6, 12, 24, and 50
  • Built with adjustable nose strips and comfortable ear loops
  • Tight-fitting seal to keep away contaminated particles
  • Super high-quality, filtering material with filter protection > 95%

Read our blog to learn more about the Omicron variant.

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Amlife is a sensible source for PPE such as KN95s, disposable face masks, Casaba’s cloth reusable face masks, hand sanitizers, face shields, and more.

As the CDC has said time and time again, wearing the right fitted face mask can be a life-saving tool. That’s why Amlife’s disposable Made In USA face mask offers protection with three layers of premium quality fabric, has comfortable fitting elastic loops for the ears, and comes in many different colors to fit any style. If you're looking for bulk wholesale options that will last through those long days at work or family outings, then we've got just what you need—there are packs of 10, 50, 100—all the way up to 10,000!

When you purchase Casaba’s cloth reusable face masks, not only are they made in America with top quality materials but also come at an affordable price. In addition, the reusable face masks can be reused and washed over again, which means less waste for your family. It is also a bonus that they are available in numerous vibrant colors and designs along with bulk wholesale options to keep the whole gang safe.

In addition, parents will be happy to know that we have kids' face masks as well! Children ages 3 to 9 can enjoy wearing something cute and fashionable yet practical and protective at the same time.

Amlife has the perfect solution for all of us who can't seem to find a face covering that fits. The elastic ear loops are made with soft material, and they adjust easily, ensuring they will stay put no matter what!

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