Help Curb Coronavirus! Top 3 Reasons To Buy AMLIFE Face Masks!

The coronavirus is back at it again. Within the last 2 weeks as of November 7 2020, corona virus cases in the US hit an all-time high going past 80,000 in one day. As businesses are starting to get back on their feet, the pesky pandemic has found a way to block your business.  Here’s how to fight back!

“After June 17, mask wearing had been widely mandated and/or enforced. Arizona cases stabilized during July 3–12 and subsequently decreased 75% from July 13 (3,506) to August 7 (867). “ – CDC.gov

  • Help the World Become a Healthier Place

It is simply science! Facemasks are recognized by medical professionals to filter water droplets. These droplets transfer Covid-19 and various other diseases.  There is a reason why surgeons work in the most sterilized environments and what is it they wear?  You got it! Facemasks.  AMLIFE face masks come in a wide range of disposable and washable cloth face masks equipped with 2 to 3 ply layering for maximum protection. 

  • Helping Others Helps Yourself

A lot of people may not realize, but they can be carriers of coronavirus.  A seemingly healthy person may show no signs/symptoms and be asymptomatic. Yet they are carrying the virus putting more vulnerable people in danger!  According to Nature journal, over 40% with coronavirus infections never develop covid-19 symptoms! It’s tough to know who has it and who doesn’t. It’s better to play safe by protecting your friends and family! AMLIFE face masks are suitable for kids and adults.

  • It is About You Too

Being healthy is the most important thing you can do for yourself. The virus is like a circulating traffic jam. A person with coronavirus is the car accident. This car accident has caused heavy traffic. Had he/she only worn a mask, the accident would have been prevented! They would also be decreasing everyone else’s chances of getting the virus. To win this game, masks are part of the play. It’s a team effort! 

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