Reason Behind Product Shortages & Why to Holiday Shop Early

Economists Urge Consumers to Shop Early for Holiday Gifts, Product Shortages Due to High Volume of Orders

The Problem at Hand

We are living in a time of online shopping, and that means lots of packaging, shipping, and delivery. Thus, involving transportation devices like planes, trucks, and the most common; by ship. However, lately, there has been a significant jump in order volume due to COVID-19, causing a huge domino effect of problems.

Americans especially have been purchasing products at a record rate. This creates long delays at ports, product shortages, price jumps, and even backups/traffic jams in the Atlantic and Pacific as ships are forced to wait until the Great Supply Chain Disruption is solved. Therefore, consumers are in a panic as the delays increase and the holidays slowly approach.

Since the majority of imports that come to the U.S. from across the Pacific are unloaded in California, the ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles have greatly been affected. Together, they represent roughly 40% of the shipping containers entering the United States. The Savannah, Georgia port is also one of the largest ports in America and has been experiencing a huge backlog as well.

When Will This Resolve?

“Ordinary people and businesses are feeling the effects of these delays and bottlenecks,” a White House administration official says. “It makes it challenging to get products on the shelves and for goods to be delivered to the doorstep.”

CNBC reports that economists and business leaders are predicting that shipping backups, goods shortages, and price surges are likely to resolve in 2022.

That is why we recommend that you purchase your Amlife face masks and other PPE IMMEDIATELY so that you can have them in time for Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanza, and other winter holidays.

Order Now!

Since Amlife is a Made in USA company and ships directly from Los Angeles, all domestic orders will take less time than those who are shopping overseas. However, this still means that with holidays approaching, there may be product shortages and delays. Stay ahead of the game and get your shopping list out of the way, so you don’t have to worry!

Whether you are a business or organization in need of bulk wholesale options for your employees or members, we have you covered! We also cater to ordinary American customers who desire high-quality face masks that are comfortable and protective against viruses.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Amlife has you and your family prepared with our merry  Casaba 4 Pack Face Masks Adult Kids Sizes Fun Cute Holiday Christmas Cotton Poly Adjustable Washable Reusable. The selection of patterns is the perfect way to get into that holiday spirit - try designs like happy snowmen, reindeer, or jolly Santa for an extra touch of Christmas spirit this winter!

Kids will be happy they had these on while adults can rest easy knowing their children are being safe. These face masks also make an incredible gift or stocking stuffer! Try them today.

Learn About Our Masks

For everyday use, we have two kinds of masks for you to choose from—disposable or reusable.

Amlife’s Made In USA disposable face masks have 3-ply layering and comfortable fitting elastic earloops. They come in vibrant colors and are available in packs of 10, 50, 100, or more.

Casaba’s cloth reusable face masks are made in the USA, with a machine washable cotton/cloth blend fabric. They come in numerous colors and cute designs and can be purchased in bulk!

The winter season can be a scary time for those who get sick easier. Everyone should wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status, and protect each other as much as possible when in public gatherings.

At AmlifeFaceMasks.com, we ensure that you are always in the loop about the status of your order. You can not only track your order, but we also have customer service waiting to help you with any questions you might have. 

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