Top 5 Reasons Why We Are the Best Supplier in the USA

Based on polling by YouGov and the Imperial College London, mask-wearing in the U.S. has increased between 75% and 85% (Statista).

Simply put, the unprecedented spread of Coronavirus is increasing the demand for face masks.

With thousands of suppliers on the internet to buy your face masks, we know how hard it can be to find the best possible one there is. Quit searching! We have every mask you could possibly need and more.

Amlife is the Best U.S. Facemasks Supplier and Here is Why:

High-Quality and Long-Lasting

Made right here in the USA with imported fabrics, there is a reason why we sell so many of our masks. Support a brand you trust and be absolutely sure that what you are buying is durable and most importantly protective. The domestic and imported materials that we use to make our masks are confirmed to meet anyone’s high standards.

Amlife cloth face masks can withstand days of wear whereas our disposable masks can be used safely for 4 to 6 hours or as per your comfort.

Comfortable with Maximum Protection

All Amlife disposable masks have 3-ply layering and elastic ear loops to ensure that you are safe and comfortable. They will fit securely around your ears without being too tight and constrictive. Many Americans have to wear masks on a daily basis for their workplace. Make your life easier and choose a mask that will not only last but protects you from the virus and doesn’t leave you with any ear/nose pain or discomfort.

Amazing Fit for Any Face Shape

Unlike other brands, we don’t discriminate against face shapes. Our masks come in many sizes and will be the perfect amount of material that you need. You shouldn’t have to touch your mask to readjust or pull it up if it falls down. Be safe and cover your mouth and nose at all times.

Fast and Free Shipping

Tired of having to wait weeks or even months for a simple face mask order? Don’t waste precious time on something so important like a facemask. Amlife provides the fastest service possible and ships from right here in the United States. You can also forget those expensive shipping prices. In times like these, it’s important to save your money and we make that easy for you. Free shipping is the way to go!

Available for Wholesale

It can be tough operating a business but stocking up on face masks makes it even tougher. Amlife is here to make your life simpler. Our disposable masks can be bought in bulk (up to 10,000+). Whether your business is small or large, Amlife can help you out tremendously.

Since last March, I’m sure you have had your ups and downs with wearing masks. Amlife provides great fitting masks that are super protective, well made, and most importantly affordable! Overall, we serve more than 100,000 customers across the country.

Still not convinced? Don’t just trust our word for it.

Here are some quotes from real customers:

  • “I love how the masks are adjustable. One size fits everyone in the family 11 and older. And the child size I bought for my 6 year old is just as well made.” -Nicole
  • “Good product...good fit. Doesn’t “Dumbo” your ears and contours to your face nicely…” -Anon
  • “I'm impressed with the mask and will be making a second order. They fit comfortably and I have no problem breathing. That and the fact they are made in the USA make them the best mask available.” -David

Face masks are essential to saving lives, yours included. Everyone is responsible to protect others and wear a mask in highly populated areas inside and outside.

I think it’s safe to say that Amlife is the best supplier of face masks in the entire nation. Amlife has everything you and your family need in these abnormal times. We have disposable masks as well as cloth masks that can fit any adult or child. Our disposable masks are conveniently sealed in a zipper bag to provide easy storage. And our cloth masks are washing machine safe and guaranteed to last.

Here are some of our best sellers: Amlife Disposable Face Masks Protective 3-Ply Filter, Made in USA Face Mask Adults And Kids Adjustable, and Cute Face Masks 3/5 Packs For Kids Child Adjustable

Discover the most comfortable, affordable, and easiest-to-use face masks on the market. Starting at a low price of $6.95, we have everything you need to keep you and your family safe. Don’t miss out on these great deals!

Amlife Face Masks Are:

  • Made in Southern California using domestic and imported materials.
  • Quick and free shipping that is processed within 1 business day.
  • Large and small business friendly.
  • Fits comfortably with 3-ply layers to provide maximum protection.

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