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Safe Travels

In a CNBC article, it was reported that United Airlines expects 50% more international inbound passengers while Delta Air Lines predicts that many of its international flights will be full and strongly in demand. In addition, American Airlines' international capacity for November and December is set to be double what it was a year ago.

As more places ease up on travel restrictions, more people are rushing to buy plane tickets and fulfill their pre-pandemic vacation dreams that they have been holding onto for years. Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally this year, it’s vital to adhere to the mask-wearing guidelines in every single location you go to. This not only keeps you safe but everyone else around you who are setting the example!

According to the CDC, fully vaccinated travelers are less likely to contract and spread COVID-19. However, traveling internationally means they are more at risk. So, when you are packing your travel essentials, make sure to throw extra face masks in there so you can be prepared.

Mask Rules All Around the World

Strict mask-wearing rules apply to those who fly to or from the U.S. The majority of airlines will deny travelers boarding if they are not wearing a mask. It’s also possible that they will remove you from the plane or suffer worse consequences depending on federal law, such as being banned from the airline in the future.

Other than proof of vaccination, covid testing, and contact tracing, here is what you need to know about traveling internationally:

  • Air France requires kids ages 11+ to wear a mask.
  • In France, it is not a requirement to wear a mask outdoors, just indoors.
  • Lufthansa requires children who are six years or older.
  • Spain and Italy require masks indoors. However, the outdoor mask mandate still remains.
  • In Greece, unvaccinated people aged 12 and above are no longer allowed in indoor eating areas, entertainment facilities, museums, gyms, sports venues, etc.
  • Belgium requires a COVID Safe Ticket, which proves the person is fully vaccinated, has had a recent negative test, or has recovered from COVID within the past six months.
  • In Costa Rica, all air passengers ages 2+ must show a negative test result.
  • Those traveling to Mexico are also required to have a negative COVID-19 test.
  • Singapore allows those who are vaccinated to travel, or a negative test is required. Safe-distancing measures are also strictly enforced.

Always research before you travel to a foreign country. This is especially for mask-wearing, so you can enjoy a safe trip without any hassle!

Read this official government list for more restrictions: COVID-19 Country Specific Information.

A Happy & Safe Vacation with Amlife!

No one wants to be uncomfortable on a super long flight, train, or bus ride. Ditch face coverings that make it hard to breathe or will pinch your face and make you sweat. Enjoy the trip with Amlife face masks! These disposables made in USA face masks keep you and others safe and secure all the way from check-in to baggage claim and so on.

Throughout the journey, face masks tend to build up with particles that you don’t want to breathe in. That’s why you should purchase Amlife disposable masks just in case you need to change one out for a clean one. That way, you can go to the hotel and freshen up with a new face mask before sightseeing!

As the CDC has mentioned before, the most protective masks have two or more layers of high-quality fabric. Amlife’s Made In USA disposable face masks have 3-ply layering and comfortable fitting elastic earloops. Choose from a variety of colors and make sure to purchase in bulk packs of either 10, 50, 100, or more.

In addition, Casaba’s cloth reusable face masks are made in the USA, with a reusable and machine washable cotton/cloth blend fabric that is 2-ply. They also come in many different colors and stylish designs. Purchase these in bulk as well!

Amlife has the perfect fit for everyone, no matter what size or shape you are! You don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable as each elastic ear loop makes sure it stays put on your mouth and nose.

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