AMLIFE Face Masks - Frequently Asked Questions about Disposable and Reusable Face Coverings. Contact us for more information.

q1:Umm, what do face masks do?

Face masks help prevent the virus from spreading from an infected person to others. Generally, when the person wearing a mask coughs or sneezes, the virus doesn't spread in the air.

q2:Seriously, do face masks really work? I mean, I watch the news and I am confused.

As per the CDC and other official health topic guidelines (around the world), face masks work to reduce the virus' spread. They must be worn and removed correctly and disposed of or washed if they are reusable masks. Studies show that communities that practice mask-wearing regularly experience lesser surges of infections than those who don't.

Face masks combined with other good hygiene and preventive measures, such as hand-washing or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer, while practicing social distancing and isolation when required help slows the spread of the virus.

For more scientific discussions and information, read this:

q3:But are face masks effective? Like a 150% percent, cause my neighbor said…

Face masks are a barrier to prevent virus droplets from the air spread out to other people. It is called source control. They are particularly important in settings where people are close and social distancing is difficult.

Unless your neighbor is the head of the CDC or an infectious disease expert, maybe it is better to leave their personal opinions out of what is best for you and the community during the pandemic and beyond.

q4:When and how often should we use face masks?

Official guidelines stipulate that people should wear face masks when in the close presence of others, including friends and family at gatherings. As the holidays approach, it is even more critical to protect loved ones from being infected by asymptomatic persons. Moreover, most businesses now require facemasks for customers and employees, while schools have mandated similar protocols for students and teachers.

As a general rule, masks should be worn wherever social distancing is challenging. It is a good idea to have a face mask on when at work, in class, shopping, at a restaurant, when in public places, or on public transport, including airports, train stations, rideshares, buses, and other daily stops such as gas stations, grocery stores, walks in parks, and areas.

q5:How long can a face mask be worn?

Surgical or disposable masks can last several hours or day a day, provided they are not sweaty, wet, dirty, or touched with unsanitary hands.

Cloth masks can be worn for a day and should be washed after each use.

q6:What is the best way to store face masks?

Face masks should be stored in a sanitary manner or preferably in a bag to avoid contamination. Top rated and highly reviewed Amlife disposable face masks come packed in sealed plastic bags, placed inside industrial-grade slide zipper bags for easy storage and to carry around.

Similarly, it recommended storing cloth masks in a bag after wash and dry. We recommend a mesh bag used for delicates.

convinent ziper bag

q7:Do you recommend Made in USA face masks even if they are made with imported materials?

Of course. We support all USA made products, which help create and sustain jobs. US manufacturing hygiene and processes are better. The fact of the matter is, some materials such as non-woven Polypropylene Meltblown are unavailable and must be imported. The full assembly of the fabric and components such as plastic strips and ear-loops are affixed in the USA.

q8:Do face masks expire?

Disposable masks have a 2 to 5 years shelf life. Amlife's 3-ply disposable Face Masks have a three-year expiry from 2020. Cotton, polyester, or a blend of both cloth masks don't expire in terms of their function.

q9:How to wear disposable face masks?

Disposable masks for adults and children should be worn correctly, and some instructions are below. Both the nose and mouth should be covered by securing the nose's bridge with the polyester nose strip and covering your whole face. Wearing a mask under the nose is like wearing underwear below the pelvis. It does no one any good and just makes people stare. The fabric should cover you from the top of the nose to under your chin. Pull the earloops securely behind each ear without snapping off the elastic loops. If you pull too hard, they will snap.

Also, if they are too loose for the form of your face, you can simply tie the elastic ear loop up in a knot as per many doctors who demonstrate it on YouTube. Also, ensure that you are wearing the blue or other color (darker) outside and the lighter color inside. Many people wear them backward. For young boys and girls, it is helpful to make them a part of the mask-wearing process so that they feel a sense of control and fun.
usage of mask
See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TTg53aAP8Q

q10:How to wear cotton and cloth face mask coverings?

Like disposable masks, cloth masks should be worn correctly, and instructions for the same are similar. Both nose and mouth should be covered by securing the bridge of the nose with the pleated center. Amlife and Casaba brand face masks come in different styles depending on your needs and comfort levels. Cloth ones have a pleated form for the bridge of the nose. We recommend not wearing "Flat Masks," which leave too much opening on either side under your eyes. We also do not recommend masks with valves.

For adjustable face masks, simply pull the strings below each ear for a one-size fits most adults and teens. We also have the same flexible face masks for kids, which helps them take the mask easily and wear comfortably.

For fitted masks, where the earloop is secure on top and bottom, simply wear to fit. Our fitted styles have elastic bindings to help not feel suffocated.

q11:Do face masks help acne or maskne?

When face masks are fitted too tightly, the friction and rubbing irritate and this can cause acne or "maskne." The face cover does prevent the dust particles from reaching our skin and clog, which is causing the acne. This can be prevented if the skin is sanitized correctly. For more information, read this: https://www.goodrx.com/blog/tips-to-prevent-acne-caused-by-face-masks-maskne

q12:Do face masks prevent flu?

Face masks alone can't prevent a person from having the flu, but they can prevent it from spreading from the sick to the healthy through the air. When the ill person wearing a mask properly coughs or sneezes, the virus is stopped from entering the air stream and spreading to other healthy people.

q13:Do you wash your face after wearing a mask?

It is a good habit to wash face and hands after removing the face mask. It will clean off all the sweat and the germs from the skin.

q14:Do face masks prevent Corona-Virus?

Face Masks trap the droplets of the virus when the wearer coughs or sneezes. If the wearer has the virus and doesn't know it yet, then the mask can lessen the virus's spreading from the sick to the healthy person.

q15:Do face masks work against germs?

Face masks prevent germs in the air stream to enter our body through our nose or mouth. Or if we are sick, they stop germs from entering the air stream through our mouth or nose when we cough or sneeze.

q16:What are the guidelines of the CDC about face masks?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone two years or older wear masks in public areas and around people who are not in your home, especially when other social distancing measures are challenging to implement.

Click here for more information from the CDC:


q17:Who are superspreaders? Should I go to a superspreader event?

Superspreaders are people who are willfully against basic common sense, and not unless you want to risk exposure to such people at gatherings. But that's your decision.


Non medical face masks can help reduce the risk of contracting airborne illnesses.

Our non-medical cloth face masks are not FDA approved. We make no medical claims with regard to their usage. As with all health decisions, please consult with your trusted medical professional to determine compatibility with your personal situation if you are seeking a cloth face mask to wear in relation to medical issues.

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